Psalm 22 The Word From the Cross II

  1. Events Immediately Prior to Crucifixion
  2. To understand the words spoken by the Lord, it is essential to briefly recall events that his hearers would have known.

As we do so let us use both our imagination and our reason. We are removed about 1800 years from crucifixion and animal sacrifices in the Temple.

Recent archaeology helps in having a better grasp of the Passion. The scientific inquiry of the Shroud of Turin is another valuable aid. It is an artifact that has undergone the most extensive testing and study of any object in history.

Good biblical scholarship is an invaluable help in understanding. The era of historical criticism which in large part has been an albatross on the necks of the faithful is waning. Deo gratis.

These factors help our imagination as well as our intellect. The good fruit of recent scientific study.

Shroud has 3D imagery, perhaps the moment of Resurrection. God is cause of our faith, the Shroud is a help.

Perhaps, modern man has a better grasp of the conditions surrounding this pivotal event in history.

People have a need for proof, one of the most beautiful things of faith, submission to the mystery.

  1. Last Supper & Betrayal of Judas

Agony in the Garden where Jesus loses blood. Hematidrosis excretion of blood and sweat as a result of severe anxiety. Though minimal in blood loss it makes the skin is more tender and fragile.

Trial, hit and spit on

Shroud is helpful in reconstructing the following aspects

Scourging of Pilate 120 scourge (whip) marks of a Roman flagellum

Helmet of thorns (more blood loss and pain) which the soldiers struck

Stripping Jesus of His garments, rent His clotted wounds which caused fresh bleeding

The hill of Calvary is close by Via Dolorosa est 2,000 ft but under these physical conditions, Jesus needed the help of a passer by Simon of Cyrene. The Romans did not want Him to die on the way.

Archaeology suggests the transverse bar was carried, not the entire cross.

The crucifixion would have consisted of nails in the wrist to support the weight of the body.

One nail in both feet, if the knees bent one on top of the other.

This posture would cause excruciating (from the cross) pain and render breathing tremendously difficult. The condemned would have to push up on the nail in the feet to take a breath and then hang down. Taking a breath and gasping for air is how our Lord would have spoken.

Thus, with difficulty of breathing and speaking His Words by necessity are brief and significant.

Fasting retreat don’t eat for 4-5 days, watched the passion, sermon day different phrase of Jesus in final moments, both beautiful and heartbreaking. Short phrases carry so much weight. Christ is proclaiming compilation, it is finished. Heavy & beautiful.

Death occurred comparatively quick due to the agony in the garden, scourging, and crowning of thorns.