Hierarchal Response

Over a century before the St. Gallen mafia plotted to seize the papacy, a Freemasonic document dreamed of “a pope according to our heart.” He would be sprung from a generation won over to Freemasonic dogmas from its youth, via the corruption of families, books, and education. He would be elected by a corrupted clergy and would be similarly “imbued with the Italian and humanitarian principles which we are about to put into circulation.”

“Let the clergy march under your banner, while they naïvely believe they are marching under the banner of the Apostolic Keys,” stated The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita, ultimately acquired by the Church and published with the encouragement of multiple popes. “You will have preached revolution in tiara and cope … a revolution that will need only a little help to set the corners of the world on fire.”

“Here Marshall lays out an incisive tripartite analysis of Modernism’s main pillars: the “demythologizing” of Scripture, the embrace of secularism and universal fraternity, and the rejection of Catholic morals, doctrine, and aesthetics. This section is crucial for understanding the errors thriving under the current pontificate, particularly the insidious axiom that “doctrine must always be ‘pastoral,’ not ‘true.’”https://www.crisismagazine.com/2019/the-long-infiltration-of-the-catholic-church

“Rahner took upon himself the task of modifying the doctrine of the Church while remaining within the Church, just as the Modernists had earlier tried to do. In the philosophical vision which is at the foundation of his theology, he accepts the Cartesian point of departure of the “ego” as self-awareness. Man is first of all thought, consciousness, pure spirit.

As for Descartes and for Hegel, so also for Rahner it is consciousness which is the basis of being, but consciousness coincides with the will of man, and the will of man is the actuation of his ego. The ego in its own turn is not subject to anything, which can condition it, because its foundation lies precisely in the absence of every objective external limitation. The consequence is the dissolution of moral value of human action, which no longer has an objective root but is based on the liberty of the individual.” https://www.catholicfamilynews.org/blog/2019/5/22/the-second-vatican-council-a-story-now-being-written

“Initially DiNardo praised Pontikes for coming forward to report the incident and described her as a “victim.” DiNardo assured Pontikes that Rossi would never be a pastor or counsel women again.

He sent Rossi away to treatment, and never put the priest back into active ministry in his archdiocese. But Rossi transferred to the neighboring Beaumont diocese, where DiNardo gave him a clean bill of health to the bishop of Beaumont, failing to mention Rossi’s sexual misconduct with Pontikes.”


“The archdiocese has fought for three years against Joan Sheen Cunningham’s request to move her uncle’s body to Peoria, Illinois — the city where he was born, raised, went to seminary and was ordained.

It’s also the diocese that has spent approximately $1 million dollars over the last 16 years advancing Sheen’s cause for sainthood, relying on past promises of the New York archdiocese to hand over the archbishop’s body.

Cardinal Dolan reneged on those promises in 2016, forcing Cunningham — Sheen’s closest living relative, with legal rights over his body — to take him to court.”


Did the recently ended expensive bishops confab even remotely address the homopredation current? Who paid for this useless spectacle?

“So in Rossi’s rise we see another case of gay predators promoting and protecting each other. Cardinal Donald Wuerl, one of the premier enablers of the Gay Mafia, naturally approved of McCarrick’s choice and has emboldened Rossi in his appalling directorship of the Basilica. Rossi, I learned recently, keeps a gay love nest in Fort Lauderdale, according to a source close to the bishops. “He shares a posh condo on the beach in Fort Lauderdale with a priest from Scranton,” this source said. Sure enough, that checks out if you type Walter Rossi’s name into Fort Lauderdale’s property records.

Listed as living at 3750 Galt Ocean Drive in Fort Lauderdale, Florida are “Walter R. Rossi” and “Andrew Hvozdovic.” Google the latter’s name and an Andrew Hvozdovic pops up as a pastor at a Catholic parish in the diocese of Scranton.”


“Further criticism of the document came from Margaret Petito, president of non-profit Friends of Rule of Law in Ecuador, Inc., who said the document is “based on antiquated, inchoate political assumptions” and, in a “dysfunctional” way, “lacks observable, verifiable real time facts about the large region of the world it portends to assist.” She added that “however well-intentioned the instrumentum laboris may appear, its substance precludes actual Christian practice in Latin America, now noticeably in crisis.” The document, she believes, “does nothing” to address the “real crises” in the region.

At yesterday’s press conference, veteran Italian Vaticanista Sandro Magister asked why the document speaks both positively and negatively of Pentecostalism, but only positively about the indigenous religions. He noted that it makes no mention of cannibalism or infanticide practiced by some tribes.

Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, general secretary of the Synod of Bishops, responded by stressing the positive “values” of the traditional religions, adding that preaching the Gospel to the indigenous tribes “purifies” them.

Petito believes it is “utter balderdash” to portray the pre-colonial peoples of the region as “happy-clappy” people “in harmony with nature.” She added that the Incas, the Latin American Indians living in the region before the Spanish conquest and from which Indian theology is derived, “ruled with a fierce, cruel Stalinesque totality from Venezuela through Chile.”

“Death was the Incan primary god and all existed as slaves to serve the central state,” Petito explained.” https://edwardpentin.co.uk/amazon-synod-working-document-criticized-for-serving-neo-pagan-agenda/

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