Voter Integrity: What’s in it for me? III

VI {Ex/ San Antonio has become progressively more oppressive in the 15 years I have lived here.

-I have seen families vote with their feet leaving for other parts.

-Increasing number of lawyers talk openly about the corruption in the judiciary.

-Few people vote as a % of population

-Fraud on many levels increase

-Drifting into social policies rather than local community problems addressed, tearing down of statues in city park, Chick Fil A at airport, snitch lines for citizens

  • fewer quality candidates run

  • city services deteriorated

-taxes increase

  • social rancor]

VII Josef Stalin, “I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this- who will count the votes, and how.”

Voter Integrity severely compromised in Bexar County, as it is throughout the state of Texas, we just don’t know it. We cannot see it. We get used to it.

  • Mandated election codes are not followed (prenumbered preprinted ballots)

  • harassment of poll watchers are commonplace

  • custody of ballots are compromised, tampering is probable

  • result, electors are selected by a few not by the people

Be involved with process. Voting & prayer might be all that some can do. We propose more involvement if their lives permit.

Democrat Tommy Adkisson, “Government works better when citizens are involved.”

Frustrated 2 part system, people have lost hope, fall back on spiritual beliefs of heaven, as a believer, citizen of heaven before citizen of heaven.

Participate in my physical world as believes, remember action we vote manifest the Kingdom of Heaven first. Manifest reason to get involved. Vote as human race loving neighbor, vote everyday by who I chose to be.

Walk with Lord, moral life, pursuit of virtues, easier to know the decisions to make.

Formation of Conscience, an essential part of walk.

Banana Republic = leaders are selected by a few, rather than by those whom they govern

Being involved with the primaries. Cheating different than primary versus general elections. Informed citizens and believers get involved. The most secure day to vote is the day of the election in person.

> The lawbreakers are immune from their decisions, citizens are cynical, they leave if they can, or become corrupted themselves to fit in with the system