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“ he publicly acted as if the new cult of COVID-19 is a false religion. That is, he ate pizza at a restaurant without wearing a mask. Was fined by the police, and then in the evening returned and ate pizza alone without a mask.

The matter being reported to his bishop, Pierantonio Tremolada, a decision was made with the consultation of other priests, to order what appears to be a TSO — a forcible sequestration of person for reasons of mental health.

Police broke into the rectory through a window and seized his person and dragged him away.

His fate and location are not known. It is said that he has been taken to a hospital for observation.”

Bishop of Brescia has pastor hauled to a mental hospital for refusing to wear a mask

How is failure defined?

“ The Diocese of Pittsburgh has announced plans to consolidate 61 parishes into 15 new parishes.

The mergers, to be completed July 1, will reduce the number of parishes in the diocese of Pittsburgh from 152 to 106.”

 Maybe simony is in play.

“ The newspaper also reported that its sources had confirmed tens of millions of euros have been frozen in several Swiss banks as part of the investigation.

Vatican investigators are examining the Secretariat of State’s purchase of the building at 60 Sloane Avenue, London.  In October 2019, four officials at the department were suspended following a raid by Vatican gendarmes in which they seized files and computers. A further raid on a former senior official at the secretariat was conducted in February.

CNA has reported that that deal was at least partially financed with loans from several Swiss banks, including Credit Suisse and BSI.”

Episode 14: Fr. Donald Kloster of the Diocese of Bridgeport talks about the resurgence of the Tridentine Form of the Mass (June 6, 2020)