China News

News “ Break diplomatic relations with communist China and cancel all U.S. debt to that country.  It’s time.  In fact, it’s long overdue.

Call it pay back; call it teaching them a lesson; call it a calculated decision to right the wrongs of their deceitful, criminal behavior.  Call it what you will.  Communist China needs to pay a steep price for what it did to us.  To our nation.  The communists’ Chinese flu pandemic inflicted on the U.S. was the last straw.  Even if their pandemic wasn’t intentional, their cynical ploy to allow it to spread around the world warrants the harshest response short of war that the United States can render.

Shut down their Chinese communist embassy and consulates throughout the U.S. Expel every one of their diplomats.  Suspend all their work visas.  Cancel their student visas, and send those still here packing.  Curtail immigration and visas of any kind from mainland China.

This is our answer to the Machiavellian Chinese communist leadership.  Too much of our economy is in ruins because of them.  Too much of our nation has suffered because of them.  Too many of our fellow citizens are sick, dying, or dead because of them.  Nearly 100 innocent victims in my Boston suburb alone have died because of communist China.”

Glad to see the Aussies called China’s bluff with a royal flush.  “ China had adamantly opposed Australia’s initial call for an investigation, with Beijing last week saying it would impose punishing tariffs on barley and beef imports, placing barriers before Australia’s access to its biggest agricultural export market.”

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