“ Friday, H-E-B Group Vice President of Public Affairs, Diversity and Environmental Affairs Winell Herron said Texans were “extremely grateful for the dedication of our healthcare workers who are saving lives and making personal sacrifices for others.”

“We want to express some well-deserved appreciation and hope these meals will provide a bit of comfort during these trying times,” she continued.

The $350,000 donation in meals is part of the grocery chain’s $3 million commitment to help local nonprofits providing relief to some of their most vulnerable neighbors during the health crisis.

In addition, H-E-B also dedicated $300,000 to help fund Texas Biomedical Research Institute’s coronavirus research project, Breitbart News reported.”


Cui bono?

“ For weeks now we have known that the victims of the coronavirus are elderly seniors with an AVERAGE age around 80, diabetics and the morbidly obese.

The doctors at the daily coronvirus press briefings know this disease affects elderly seniors and those with underlying health problems.Why do they not stress this fact?”

Should Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx be Criminally Charged? They Know the COVID-19 Victims are Elderly Seniors and Diabetics and Chose to Scare US Public Instead