“ Pope Francis has thrown his moral weight behind the battle against anthropogenic climate change, but has also acknowledged that the Church has no authority on scientific questions.”

Liars lie & professional liars lie professionally. One of the problems of a country without borders is what PF identifies correctly. What to do? Watch the people he surrounds himself with including 9 time interviewer Scalfari.

 Pope Francis warned on Friday that technology and globalisation were homogenising young people around the world to the point where their uniqueness and cultural individuality were becoming endangered species.

‘This produces a cultural devastation that is just as serious as the disappearance of species of animals and plants,’ he said.”


“ The archbishop continued, reflecting on the synod’s underlying theological narrative:

Everything stands and fits together: a false science founded on an alleged catastrophic warming of the earth which is chiefly caused by man; an integral ecology which places at the center of creation not man created in the image and likeness of God, and called to share divine life in a blessed eternity with his Creator, but the Mother Earth “divinity,” i.e. the Pachamama, from which man is drawn and to which he must return. From this standpoint, therefore, even idolatry is willed by God, and Pope Francis celebrates it before the world, profaning the most sacred place in Christian Rome — the basilica built on the tomb of the Apostle Peter.

“The Catholic Church, instead of being vigilant and denouncing the threats which menace her and darken the horizon of the entire human family, is lending itself to serve as a sounding board for a utopian and anti-Christic ideology,” he observed, “in a frightening subjection to the powerful forces that dominate the world scene and are actively promoting vast processes aimed at the establishment of a World Government.””


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